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Raw SQL Parameters

Raw SQL Parameters allow full, un-quoted, parameter replacement with raw SQL, allowing you to parameterize SQL keywords (and any other SQL parts). You might use this to set asc or desc on an order by column clause, or you can use this to compose many SQL statements into a single statement.


You should take special care to always properly validate any incoming user input before using Raw SQL Parameters to prevent an SQL injection security issue.

SQL Parameters' type is :sql.

--:name sql-keyword-param :? :*
select * from example
order by last_name :sql:last_name_sort
(def user-input "asc")
(defn validated-asc-or-desc [x] (if (= x "desc") "desc" "asc"))
(sql-keyword-param-sqlvec {:last_name_sort (validated-asc-or-desc user-input)})
;=> ["select * from example\norder by last_name asc"]