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HugSQL generates a format internally known as sqlvec. The sqlvec format is a vector with an SQL string in the first position containing any ? placeholders, followed by any number of parameter values to be applied to the SQL in positional order. For example:

["select * from characters where id = ?", 2]

The sqlvec format is a convention used by, clojure.jdbc, and next.jdbc for value parameter replacement. Because of the underlying support in these libraries and the JDBC-driver-specific issues for data type handling, HugSQL also uses the sqlvec format by default for value parameters.

HugSQL provides hugsql.core/def-sqlvec-fns to create functions returning the sqlvec format. The created functions have an -sqlvec suffix by default, though this is configurable with the :fn-suffix option. These functions are helpful during development/debugging and for the purpose of using the parameter-replacing functionality of HugSQL without using the built-in adapter database functions to execute queries.

hugsql.core/def-sqlvec-fns doc:

=> (doc hugsql.core/def-sqlvec-fns)
([file] [file options])
Given a HugSQL SQL file, define the <name>-sqlvec functions in the
current namespace. Returns sqlvec format: a vector of SQL and
parameter values. (e.g., ["select * from test where id = ?" 42])


(def-sqlvec-fns file options?)

- file is a string file path in your classpath,
a resource object (,
or a file object (
- options (optional) hashmap:
{:quoting :off(default) | :ansi | :mysql | :mssql
:fn-suffix "-sqlvec" (default)

:quoting options for identifiers are:
:ansi double-quotes: "identifier"
:mysql backticks: `identifier`
:mssql square brackets: [identifier]
:off no quoting (default)

Identifiers containing a period/dot . are split, quoted separately,
and then rejoined. This supports myschema.mytable conventions.

:quoting can be overridden as an option in the calls to functions
created by def-db-fns.

:fn-suffix is appended to the defined function names to
differentiate them from the functions defined by def-db-fns.