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SQL File Conventions

HugSQL SQL files contain special single-line comments and multi-line comments in the following forms:

 -- :key value1 value2 value3
/* :key


-- regular SQL comment ignored by hugsql
regular SQL multi-line comment ignored by hugsql

-- :name query-get-many :? :*
-- :doc My query doc string to end of this line
select * from my_table;

-- :name query-get-one :? :1
/* :doc
My multi-line
comment doc string
select * from my_table limit 1

HugSQL recognizes the following keys:

  • :name or :name- (private fn) Name of the function to create. Optionally followed by the command and result (e.g., :name :? :*) instead of providing these as separate key/value pairs.
  • :doc Docstring for the created function.
  • :command Underlying database command to run.
  • :result Expected result type (shape).
  • :snip or :snip- (private fn) Name of the function to create. :snip is used in place of :name for snippets.
  • :meta Metadata in the form of an EDN hashmap to attach to function.
  • :require Namespace require and aliases for Clojure expression support.