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Custom Parameter Types

You can create your own parameter types by implementing a method for the multimethod hugsql.parameters/hugsql-apply-param.:

=> (doc hugsql.parameters/apply-hugsql-param)
Implementations of this multimethod apply a hugsql parameter
for a specified parameter type. For example:

(defmethod apply-hugsql-param :value
[param data options]
(value-param param data options)

- :value keyword is the parameter type to match on.
- param is the parameter map as parsed from SQL
(e.g., {:type :value :name "id"} )
- data is the runtime parameter map data to be applied
(e.g., {:id 42} )
- options contain hugsql options (see hugsql.core/def-sqlvec-fns)

Implementations must return a vector containing any resulting SQL
in the first position and any values in the remaining positions.
(e.g., ["?" 42])